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Property Management

Our Company in Your Community

Attentive property management is fundamental to Glenview’s success. Glenview always manages its own properties, thus enabling us to maintain our own tight and effective control of each development, and to satisfy each tenant’s needs promptly.

Glenview’s team has a comprehensive understanding of property dynamics, long-standing experience within the real estate industry and has developed an extensive network of strong relationships with a large number of major national and regional tenants.

The experienced leasing, management and construction professionals who work for Glenview think and act as first-tier service providers. All of Glenview’s employees understand that it is their job to ensure that all Glenview managed properties offer the highest quality business environments and occupancy services in their respective marketplaces.

Glenview believes that the consistently high occupancy levels in Glenview managed properties is the strongest testament to the validity of the Glenview management philosophy and the best evidence of the successful implementation of that philosophy.