Our Team

Leadership Team

Glenview’s strength lies in our ability to share our experience, knowledge and dedication to excellence from one generation to the next. There’s continuity and a personal touch in the advantage of three generations of family leadership, allowing us to build on the expertise and mentorship of our founder while embracing fresh ideas and innovation in the stewardship of our company.

Sol Shabinsky

Our founder is a trailblazer extraordinaire, whose foresight, instincts, dedication and determination laid the foundation of who we are today.

Growing up in Ottawa, Sol developed a strong work ethic from his immigrant parents, working for their catering business before moving on to grocery chains (where Sol was first introduced to real estate) and acting as a mortgage broker for other Ottawa developers.

Seeing the chance to break out on his own in the 1960s, Sol built his first office building and Glenview was born. Initially leveraging that first building to the next, and then the next, the company grew to the point that by the 1990s Glenview was the largest private commercial landlord in Ottawa, with more than two million square feet of office space under lease.